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Daily promotions and special discounts!
Weekend discounts in Moscow
  • 5% – discount on saturday
  • 10% – discount on sunday
  • 15% – saturday and sunday
Hotels for business trips

Business trips to Moscow:

from 7 days – 10%, from 14 days – 15%

For families with children

More little guests!

from 5 to 20% for bookings with children

Current promotions for room reservation

The «Orange» hotel chain holds daily promotions and special offers for room reservations, we are always glad to our guests and are ready to offer the most favorable conditions for a comfortable stay in hotel rooms in the center of Moscow, check out our promotions or ask our operators by phone 8 (800) 550-48-68 or in the support chat.

* If you find the price lower on any booking portals, you will receive an additional 5% discount on booking a room at the «Orange» hotel.

Discount hotel reservations on weekends

Moscow hosts many thematic exhibitions and seasonal festivals, often such events are held on weekends, if you are planning your trip to the capital of Russia for recreation and travel, then we are ready to offer accommodation in one of our hotels under special conditions.

You can choose one of the hotel rooms for booking with a discount on weekends, the size of the discount depends on the weekend, when booking a room on weekends you will receive a guaranteed discount: 5% on Saturday, 10% on Sunday, 15% when booking a room in hotel on Saturday and Sunday.

Discounts on room reservations during business trips to Moscow

Often, business and business trips to Moscow cannot be completed in one or two days, while it is necessary to plan a budget and choose a hotel to stay in comfortable conditions for your employees. The Apelsin hotel chain is ready to offer room reservations in a business hotel for business trips or for the duration of exhibitions in the very center of Moscow for a long time.

When making business meetings in Moscow, it takes a lot of time and effort to negotiate, and the rest of the time you want to spend in comfortable conditions. An excellent rest is the key to a successful day, the Apelsin hotel chain offers business room reservations at affordable prices in the center of Moscow, get a discount on room accommodation: 10% when booking a room for 10 days or more, 15% for booking a room for 14 days or more.

Family rooms at the hotel with a discount when booking with children

If you decide to visit the capital of Russia during a vacation with the whole family or arrange for your children an unforgettable weekend at amusement parks, dolphinariums, as well as visit the sights of Moscow, then you can be sure that choosing a room in one of the Orange hotels, you will not only spend time with comfort, but also guaranteed to get a discount when booking a room.

The «Orange» hotel chain is located in the center of Moscow, there are many attractions and recreation parks nearby, interesting places that are worth visiting with the whole family with children, we are ready to offer improved family rooms for a comfortable stay. Get a discount when booking family rooms with children, the amount of the discount depends on the number of children: 5% with one child, 10% with two children, 15% when checking in with three children, 20% for living with four children.

Discount hotel rooms for couples and newlyweds

If you are traveling together or planning a trip to Moscow, the Apelsin hotel chain is ready to offer comfortable modern rooms in the very center of Moscow at attractive prices, in addition, for couples or newlyweds, we have special offers on hotel room reservations.

The staff of the Orange hotel will help you brighten up a pleasant evening or a gala event by decorating a room in a romantic style with a large king-size bed, discounts for the weekend in the hotel rooms and bonus gifts in the form of a bottle of champagne are available for our guests. Enjoy up to 10% off your weekend hotel reservations and make your evening even more unforgettable!

Discounts on room reservations for tourist groups and foreign guests

Moscow is an amazing, beautiful and beautiful city, the heart of Russia, having visited it, you can visit many sights, memorable places or spectacular festivals. In order for your trip or planned trip to be at a high level, we offer you to stay in comfortable rooms of the Orange hotel chain in the very center of Moscow.

For tourists, foreign guests or excursion groups, we offer discounts on corporate hotel reservations. As well as visa support and organization of excursions around Moscow. The friendly hotel staff will always tell you where interesting places in Moscow are and what sights are worth visiting in order to leave an unforgettable impression of your stay in the capital of Russia.

You can learn more about discounts on corporate or group booking of rooms in «Orange» hotels from our employees by phone 8 (800) 550-48-68 or in the support chat.

Choosing a room in the «Orange» hotel chain, you can always count on a high level of service, comfortable living in clean, bright and cozy rooms at reasonable prices in the very center of Moscow, we always strive to improve the quality of service and the successful stay of our guests.

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